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who we are

Kristy Ewing grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington. She worked for an ad agency in Los Angeles after attending Art Center College of Design. Back home in the Pacific Northwest she opened her own design studio, which eventually morphed into Ewing Creative. She’s worked on many fun and rewarding projects for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, Bill Gates III & family, and major motion picture studios.

Kristy has a penchant for advertising design.

“I like discovering the essence of what makes a product, company, or service better than its competition, then waking the world with a desire to have it.”

Ed Ewing is a retired veteran of the motion picture industry. Having worked as a Cameraman and Assistant Director it goes without saying that Ed has “a good eye.” He focuses on project management and planning to ensure that timelines, resources, budgets and deliverables culminate successfully.

Let’s discuss your visions and business goals, and together we’ll maximize the visibility of your company. – Kristy Ewing

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