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How to make a grand entrance.

Despite the convenience of cell phones and GPS location devices, there’s nothing better than that old fashioned signaling device called “a sign” to point us to the front door. It identifies. It beckons. It builds anticipation about what’s behind the door long before you step onto the premises.

Collection at the Falls. A retail store & art gallery.

When Interior Designer Shanna Robinson Neims embarked on opening her new retail store – Collection at the Falls – situated right along I-5, the busiest road in the State of Washington, she knew immediately the important role a sign would play in attracting customers. Everyday thousands of people (approximately 240,000) would be zooming 60 miles per hour right by her store. Knowing that they probably would not have time to read the small print on a sign she wanted to convey the unique, eclectic mix of items she was selling in an overall impression — An impression that begged for further investigation.

Because Shanna is a designer she was able to articulate in broad strokes the impression she wanted the sign to make, and she came to our meeting with loose sketches in hand. We needed to build customer anticipation about the experience of shopping at her lifestyle oriented store / art gallery. To do this the sign might include a mix of new, old, handcrafted, unique, formal, Parisian, European, artful clothing, furnishing, jewelry, organic glamor, plants and perhaps a touch of whimsey. Antlers, or something that looked like them would figure prominently, and maybe a crown would be cool too, or perhaps a nest and a bird. Yes, all of that in one sign!

We put our heads together and came up with a sign design that we feel creatively meets the challenging objectives she set.

Collection at the Falls is located at 4800 Capitol Blvd SE suite D, Tumwater, Washington 98512 – Bing Map

Below are Shanna’s loose conceptual sketches, a font she initially favored, and the before and after pictures of her store. Note how much more the store stands out than the previous tenant’s business, due to the sign and the way she furbished the exterior.


Shanna’s loose sketch indicating layout and lettering style.



Shanna initially preferred this font, but through much research we landed on the beautiful font that was ultimately used.



Shanna’s antler-like concept for weighting the text with flourishes.

Ewing Creative work in progress - screen capture 1.

Ewing Creative work in progress – screen capture 1.


Ewing Creative work in progress - screen capture 2.

Ewing Creative work in progress – screen capture 2.



Retail location signage BEFORE


Collection at the Falls signage AFTER

Collection at the Falls signage AFTER


Graphic element for Collection at the Falls

Graphic element for additional branding purposes.


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17 Apr 2014