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Facebook Timeline – revamped for show offs

Opportunity for creativity abounds via Facebook’s anticipated release of Timeline. One striking new change in the profile page layout will be the “cover photo”. Like a huge blank canvas we can foresee this space being filled imaginatively by everyone hoping to get our attention. Especially everyone with something to sell. As of this writing it’s unclear just how similar the new Brand Pages will be to the new personal profile pages of Timeline. But you can bet that if the change is as radical as anticipated the Big Brands are already positioning themselves to use the cover photo compellingly.

Mashable Social Media asked some advertising and design pros to imagine the ways in which the new layout might be used by big brand companies. Check out this gallery of ideas.

Mashable Social Media also asked the question of its readers, “what would you do with the space?” See that article and gallery here.

Posted by Kristy Ewing on October 5, 2011

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