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Memories Forever Photography logo / watermark

Often when clients come to us they have already determined what they do and don’t like about their existing logo. As a photographer Sue Burnett of Memories Forever Photography had determined that she needed her logo to function as a subtle watermark on photos, and that it needed to be simpler than what she was currently using. She liked the flowing descender and ascender of the initial f, so we gave her new logo more panache. Since camera lenses are round we chose to integrate the initials into a circle rather than a rectangle. The resulting mark can stand alone or be paired with the full company name depending on the application.

See other examples of Before & After logos in our portfolio.

Posted by Kristy Ewing on November 9, 2011
  1. 11/14/2011

    I love my new logo. Incorporating it into all aspects of my business is a challenge, but I am getting there. Kristy is a good listener and created a logo that resonates with me and my business. I look forward to client recognition of my logo in years to come.

    • 11/25/2011
      Kristy Ewing

      Thank you Sue. I’m looking forward to watching your business grow.

  2. 11/17/2011

    Kristy, Love the new look for the Memories Forever logo- very classy!

    • 11/25/2011
      Kristy Ewing

      Thank you Debra

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