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The difference between marketing, advertising and public relations.


According to Rand MacIvor selling, promoting and communicating are the work of three different disciplines. We concur.

[The following is excerpted from Rand MacIvor’s blog post on the topic.]

Marketing is the act of selling a product or service and all the business activities that are entailed…

Advertising is the art of creatively promoting a product or service. People in this occupation formulate a compelling message in a non-personal manner; strategically outlining unique benefits using a combination of various traditional and new media…

Public relations professionals are those who are involved in communicating the activities and values of an organization, providing information on a day-to-day basis about a business, product or service and updates that help clientele and stakeholders stay informed…

“Marketing, advertising and public relations are three different, valuable disciplines and come from different focuses and perspectives. Working together, they can help build a successful business effort. But clients should not be fooled into thinking that one skill set can do the job of the other.” – Rand MacIvor


We encourage you to read the full article at Rand’s Place – Selling, Promoting, and Communicating – Where in typical Rand humor he explains the difference between the work of the pros versus flakes.

Posted by Kristy Ewing on October 24, 2013

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